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--Gary Lieberman

About Us

So, you want to know a little bit about this site and it's co-founders?  We will have more to say later, promise.

For now, here's the basics:

Editsuite.com was founded over 10 years ago by internationally acclaimed, award-winning editors, trainers, demo dudes, and product go-to-guys, Gary Lieberman and John Henkel.Circa 1998: Yuck!Circa 1998: Yuck!  The site was originally just a posting of messages from an email group for video post-production editors.  Gary and John, both freelancers at the time, had an abundance of time and couldn't sit still.  So, they cobbled together Editsuite.com adding a guest book, classified ads, registry of editors, facilities, and manufacturers, tips and tricks, and oh so much more.

Circa 2000: BetterCirca 2000: BetterIf you'd like to see the progression, check the always interesting Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to see how Editsuite.com changed over the years.

We have been fortunate to have gathered a wonderful group of industry professionals from around the world who share tips, tricks, stories, and insights.  Beginners and seasoned professionals, product development folks, video-wannabes are all here, many simply lurking in the shadows.  We welcome you all and thank you for sharing your expertise.

Here's to the next decade and beyond!