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Sony MFS-2000 Vs. Kayak

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Michael Nice
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Hi all,

Our station is looking to upgrade our flypack with a new switcher. Engneering is looking at the Sony MFS-2000 as its size and price are attrictive...we also have a 8000g in the studio so the learning curve for new tds will be minimial.
I just can't help but look at this swicther with skepticism...as it appears to be more "toyish" than anything else. the 6000 is out of our price range apperintly..so I was curoius what the running price is on a 1 m/e or 2 m/e kayak? it seems to be more full featured than the 2000..although I know it has its shortcomings as well..lol

Does anyone have any insight on a comparison between these two switchers...price, features, pros, cons, etc?

I would personally prefer a kayak or 6000 over the 2000 so anything that can help me sway engineering to that side of things would be helpful