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--Gary Lieberman

Branding Opportunities with the Tricaster 455 and 850

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Hi All,

Recently, I've been demoing and teaching the Tricaster 850 and 455.  I've discovered that it offers some great ways to help clients brand their productions.  The two that are the most impressive are branded custom A/B transitions and branded animated lower third titles.  There are also great ways to brand custom virtual sets.

If anyone has some examples  of "replay effects" that they could share, I'd love to use them in my upcoming training classes.  Animated lower thirds and virtual set plates would be helpful, too.  Thanks!

I've discovered a really innovative solution by "kltv" on this page:  http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?t=120362  He has a link to an example of animated lower third that reveals two lines of titles entered in a underlying static CG display.  Check out his explanation at: WipeExplainer.mov and see if you can understand his crafty technique.


Gary Lieberman