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EVS burp or, more likely, operator error?

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Saw something interesting last night, and I'd like to never see again, that I thought I'd run past you all.

I was working in SS28 on a Kalypso controlling a normal 4-channel Spotbox with a Lance.  I had two primary TD rips, one fill the other video.  Both rips had matching timecode.  I've been working with these rips for the entire football season so I know they are solid with no bad sectors and had freshly loaded them into SS28's Spotbox via X-File two days prior on a set day.  I had no issues with the clips themselves since the load-in.  I did have issues with the Spotbox randomly dropping off the X-Net with no ability to reestablish unless the EICs monkeyed around with the entire network. 

Last night during halftime or shortly thereafter the timecode on my fill rip was re-striped to a random time causing me to lose most of my Spotbox effects due to the inability to correctly cue the fill channel.  At first I thought it was the Kalypso, a "Learn" command being sent from one or more of my timelines, or the Lance wigging out.  I did not even think of the timecode mismatch until after the show was over.  Once I restriped the clip to the correct timecode all my effects came back.

According to the EVS ops, no one had gone into my Spotbox at any point during the show.  No one had restriped any clips anywhere during the show.  The X-File was left running and never shut off.  If I trust what they said, no one did anything out of the norm much less "accidentally" restriped my fill rip.

So my question is this, barring the human element, has anyone run into a situation where a clip is forced a new timecode from an unstable network connection?  Is it possible to have a restripe occur with no prompting or warning?  I really want it to be something technical, not an EVS op who did not own up to their mistake which could not even be a mistake because ALT-T'ing a clip is something you have to be intentional about.