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Linear Edit Suite Gear

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John Henkel
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Ok, so I'll get the ball rolling here. . .

I know there aren't that many linear rooms going in around the world, but they are still out there. And with HD taking up so much bandwidth, the use of linear rooms is still a better, alternative to digitizing all that footage.

SO, what is the one piece of gear that you feel is missing in these linear rooms these days?

Rick Edwards
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[quote="jwillis"]I really would love to see a properly supported editor again. I love all the new switchers, but having to use them all in some kind of emulation of a 10 year old "whatever" usually kills all the good stuff. Did you ever use a 2ME, 32input switcher with 8 keyers, etc and find you could only address the first 20 inputs, 2 keyers and no timeline because it had to "be" a Gv200 so some ancient bag of 1970's computer could run it? I hate GPIs - why would I want that total lack of repeatability? I guess if I ever got my hands on another Axial or DPE it could be made to be right for almost anything. Ah, well - just showing my age I suppose..... John[/quote] Sony is releasing a plug-in editor for the MVS & DVS switchers. It will work just like a BVE-2000 or BVE-9100 (depending on what software you buy for it). It does 16 channels of audio, all four keyers per M/E, has access to the Frame Memories on the switcher and directly access hwo ever many VTR/DDR ports you purchased with the switcher. Of course, it's not a stand-alone device. You have to have the MVS-8000 or DVS-9000 or MFS-2000 to use it.