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Some bright spark has ditched our axial spares box. I see that there isn't a trackerball on the axial 2010 spares list, is there somewhere we could get one from a manufacturer?


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John Henkel
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Rog, You know, one thing comes to mind. I think there was something in the SYSTEM menu to reset the jog knob and trackball. Did you try that? I can't remember which version of s/w it's in, but it rings a bell. I know that Abekas doesn't usually part out the keyboard, just sell it as one unit. And it's expensive, I know. You might check with a reseller around the UK, someone might have one on hand that would let you part out the keyboard. I have a good friend here in CA who does this stuff and, depending on shipping costs and if he still has a 2010 in stock, he might be able to help you out. Check out his website for contact info. You can go to this page: [url]http://www.discoveryresources.com/new_buy/index.php[/url] and put in 'axial' in the search by text box. It's his internal id#1406. Good luck! -JH