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Zodiak TD's Needed

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Looking for 2 GV Zodiak TD's for long term freelance work for the new Mid Atlantic Sports Network in Baltimore. Please contact me at mnadeau@sbgnet.com. This will be in studio work for the Oriole's and the Nationals pre and post game shows for roughly 162 days. MASN is offering $50K based on a per day rate, with rehersals starting mid March the earnings would be over fifty.

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Looking for Looking for a Zodiak (standard def) CONTROL PROC /DSK /SS board PN/ 671-6346-00X



Matthew Walter


Matthew Walter 415-468-2400
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Play 'em off against each other and gouge 'em Mike!
Dave Bernstein
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[quote="Mike Cumbo"]Do I want to cause a baseball crewer to have a heart attack?????[/quote] I'm sure the bald one won't mind the double dip! How far is it from the studio to the loading dock anyway? LOL
Rick Tugman
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Don't make me move up there!
Mike Cumbo
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Hmm, I live ten minutes from your building. Do I want to cause a baseball crewer to have a heart attack?????