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Clipstore problems

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Had my 1st clipstore experience this weekend and here's how it went....
I relied heavily on my EIC and the first suggestion he made was to lay down about 30 minutes or so of black and then go back and record my elements (which was about 20 minutes or so)
in the "overwrite" mode. I did what he said it that seemed to work. (kind of weird though I thought)
I then asked about re-striping time code and he had was'nt sure if I could do that so I gave up on that idea.

Although I struggled a bit to get my FILL & MATTES to match up I eventually acheived this task for most effects. I did however struggle with a few elements and they were stubborn to stay in sync when in play back mode even though I know I clipped them acurateley. My EIC informed me that sometimes that is a 720p lance issue regarding a dropped frame etc (charlie brown talk to me)...@#?!

So all seemed well, went to lunch, came back checked all of my stuff.
Heres the problem I ran into.

There seemed to be one specific transition in Reg#10 that when I went back to my replay in Reg#1
it threw it out of whack! Although the clip timecodes cued up correctly, the minute I fired my replay
the time code would jump to somewhere else instantly. I imediateley showed this to the EIC. What was weird was that I could go from any of the other 20 or so clipped reg's back to the replay and it would work fine...
but for some odd reason going from the clip in Reg 10 back to the reply clip in reg 1, this problem occured.

The EIC was also baffled but did say he had seen this before. He mentioned that his regular TD ran into
a simliar thing like this and fixed it by inserting a STOP trigger in the 1st key frame.

This worked! (thank GOD)...but it still does'nt expalin to me why it was doing this...is it a LANCE/clipstore issue? None of my other Reg's had stop triggers in the 1st key frame and they worked fine.

Overall the show was clean, but I have to say, I never trusted the machine, had a hard time getting things to stay lined up, and worst of all was on the edge of my chair with every effect I fired!

Any feed back, input, or similar stories?


Scott Dailey
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I usually stripe about 30 seconds of truck bars before the client arrive and name my file for the days show. I then append my recording with the clients material. This usually works fine. Many times when you click the stop button in the ClipStore menu, the device shuts down and reboots. When it reboots it does not show you that the file has been appended. It shows the original amount of data that was recorded when I layed down bars. If you then click on rebuild.mov and select the file you want to rebuild, the file will then be recovered. I don't know why the ClipSore does this, my theory is that the end of the file gets corrupted in some manner when you tell it to stop recording. A couple of things seem to happen every time this occurs. 1) The director wants to speed things up by fast forwarding to the next animation. If don't come out of record while he is fast forwarding the tape, the ClipStore does not seem to like the video. 2) Video levels are too high. Some people like to crank the video level slightlywhen they record animations into a DDR to help with key signals that have been laid to tape too low. The ClipStore seems picky about vido levels that are too high. I always run the thing in native TC. I do not restripe ! Regarding the Register 10 thing you mentioned. If you call up a register on the Lance controller that has a time code that does not exist on the ClipStore, the channel lights on the enabled channels of the fast forward will flash rapidly. You then have to call up a good register to get the thing to run right. This sounds similar to what you are describing. You have to make sure that both the In and OUT points are marked with non-corrupted TC. If for instance the last animation that you record has different length on either the Video, Key or Audio drives it cannot cue that clip properly. Don't ask me how the drives can be different lengths because I don't know. Could be the difference in the way the video and audio are recorded. The way to fix this differnce in lengths is to click on the scroll bar on the ClipStore. Move it back slightly and then try to append the clip by recordinga short length of black. This usually matches the drives up again. I have used the Stop command you mentioned with success. What sems to happen is that the Lance Controller jumps in to Jog mode immediately after the ClipStore cues. If it stays in Jog too long the ClipStore takes a nap and just jumps TC like you observed. The Stop command with the recall kicks the Lance out of Jog. This is a bug that I believe Abekas is aware of. So far theClipStore has been a bit quirky, but there are ways around the gremlins. However, it has been no different then the launch of any other computer. Bugs are found and fixed, found and fixed, found and fixed... If something screws up, blame the equipment. Yeah that always works! Happy punching! Punch Monkey