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transporting audio video and data!

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Im back with a nother question for my shool project. The problem is about sending audio video and data from one site to a studio and the potential sync problems that can and probably will occur. I have a site that recives MPEG 4 streams and data (logic data from mobile user) from 3G phones over Internet. This site will prosess the signals and send them on to a studio which will recive them and convert the signals into SDI for video and audio. The data sent will be prosessed and later on controll generated graphics, audiomixer and video switcher.

My question now is: what is the smartest way to send these signals and how do I minimize the out-of-sync? I have thought about fiber and ISDN or ASI but I am unsure about the syncronization.

Thanks for all replays


edenfor (not verified)

I am coming up to a show where I may need to dump an element reel to the cuff links Clipstore MX. I am somewhat confused on the correct way to do this. Do I dub the complete reel to both the Video / Key drives at the same time? Do I dump just the video to the video drive, and the keys to the key drive so on? I have been lucky enough jewelry boxes  to have drives delivered to the shows... Thanks Much. A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done. -Dwight D. Eisenhower engagement rings 

Matt Sears
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Silvio, great idea! Why not convert all RS-232/422 data and contact closure/tally data to AES and embedded it into the SDI signal? Also convert all analog audio signals to AES and embed them as well. I thought that Ross used to make some contact closure to AES converters, but I couldn't find any on their website. Though, I was able to find some through Evertz. http://www.evertz.com/products/7721DE4-HD 7721DE4-HD HD/SD Quad Serial Data Embedder http://www.evertz.com/products/7721DD4-HD 7721DD4-HD HD/SD Quad Serial Data De-embedder http://www.evertz.com/products/audio#Data You could mux everything into one SDI pipe and convert it to fiber.
Silvio Bacchetta
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I'm not sure if I understood the matter but I would build an SDI feed with embedded ancillary data and audio. You can control the synchronization on your site and be sure that you will send a single stream to the facility. Fiber should be the least latency carrier therefore (ISDN is good but hasn't enough bandwidth for an SDI stream).