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Zodiak Copy Timeline

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Hello Folks,

I'm doing a show on a Zodiak for the 1st time in a few years. I faintly remember the copy timeline function was a little tricky to find. If anyone has a quick explaination I would greatly appreciate it. On the Kalyspo I usually build one timeline from scratch, then just make copies of that original timeline, so I was hoping to do the same thing on the Zodiak.

Also, has anyone done a CSTV show lately? I've got one lined up and I'm wondering how complicated they might be.

Any input at all is much appreciated. Thanks.

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Looking for Looking for a Zodiak (standard def) CONTROL PROC /DSK /SS board PN/ 671-6346-00X


Matthew Walter


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Bob Ennis
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The way that Get & Put work is like this: If you're on a register that you want to copy, use PUT & it'll make a copy of your current register into whatever number you type in. If you're on a register & you want it to be a copy of some other register, use GET & the number of the register that has the info that you want. PUT "." will copy the current register into the next empty register, while GET "." will copy the contents of the next empty register into the current register...that's the same thing as CLEAR the current register. That's why doing a "Get 1, Put 2" won't work.

Bob Ennis

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I was on a Zodiak the other day and had some trouble with Get and Put. It is under a menu on the touch screen. I think what happens is whatever effect you have called up at the time, is ready to be put somewhere. If I have effect 1 recalled and I go "Put 2" it makes a copy of one and puts it on 2. But if I did "Get 1, put 2" it would not only delete effect 1 but it would not create effect 2. Has anyone else had this problem? If not, I hope you dont. It took me 4 or 5 attempts to get it to work. The sad thing is, I only needed to copy the effect 1 time. So I had to build 5 effects just to get 2 of them to work......
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I've done a few recently, not to bad. Just a few effects, replay in / out, two or three promo/cg wipes, you may or may not have the "jumbotrone" I have seen shows where they used it and others that have not. I have an mpg movie of it if you want to see it. The shot clock is a slider or a pop on, again different producers have done this different ways. All of this could change I guess with the CBS Stuff.

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Matt Saplin
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Not sure how soon your CSTV show is, but I read today that CBS wrapped-up it's buyout of CSTV, and will be re-branding CSTV as "CBS College Sports Network" sometime in March. I also read that they eliminated a bunch of CSTV staffers. Here's a link to one of the articles: http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/stories/2008/02/11/daily13.html
Mike Cumbo
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I believe that you have to use a soft button in the E-Mem menu to copy timelines, no GET or PUT button on the panel like a Kalypso has. I haven't seem a CSTV show since LAX last year, don't know.