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Making Sure I Understand

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Hello all--

First time Clipstore MXc user here... just so I understand this correctly (from the other posts I've read here) in order to properly get PBUS control for the Clipstore through my switcher (GVG Kalypso): I need to record the video and key of all my elements simultaneously so that they do not need to be cued separately with different timecodes.

Basically, all I have is a videotape output of the elements with the video first with the matching key following each clip. I am used to using a Fast Forward system, and it seems that the Clipstore is set up differently. Any help/tips on this method of recording into the Clipstore would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help,
Dave Lefchak

Bill D
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If no EVS, just make a dub of the key stuff to another tape, and then play them back in sync, and make clips of each element. I believe you can also use a lance and just lay it in as one long clip and do it like a FFV
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Hello ! If you have access to a EVS, dump all the elements on the EVS, clip the key and fill elements separately. Then make sure that both side are sync, cause to my knowledge, there is no way to resync it after they are dumped. Then route the Front channel of the EVS to the Fill input and the back channel to the key input. Also, if you have alot of elements, you could do a conditional playlist, it's a way to play a two playlists at the same time on both channels, you might want to ask the EVS op for this, cause this involve changing some settings, hope this help ! Seb

Montreal, Canada