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Seth Madway
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Just completed the 2010 Masters in 3D. This was the first live 3D telecast available nationally via multiple MSO's, plus internationally and via the internet. The images of Augusta National were stunning!

The MU was PACE/NEP SS3D, with a Sony MVS-8000A switcher. From the TD perspective, the most difficult aspect relates to the build. You are switching two program outputs, (left eye and right eye). Every button push, emem/snapshot, effect etc. has to equally and properly affect both outputs.

The question I have been asked most: do you wear 3D glasses when you switch? For the most part the answer is yes. Our Program and Preview monitors were both 3D. The polarized glasses still allowed me to look down and see the switcher. The exception was reading the LCD buttons. The polarization created a sheen that made these buttons illegible.

If you are attending NAB, I believe that 3D highlights are being shown by Sony. Take a look, you won't be disappointed.

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How is the 8000 setup for 3D, Do you link PP and another ME together so a 4ME switcher would become a 2ME 3D switcher. If this is that case you could do a wipe as long as you had two devices that could be sync rolled at the same time.

Mike Cumbo
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Seth, AMV has their new 3D truck that has a Sony switcher and cameras. The trruck is in the Sony area. It is interesting as is the other 3D gear that many others have. There are questions that come to mind when you start seeing this stuff. For example, taking a HD or SD non 3D feed of say the host broadcasters game camera. Can that be done?

One switcher can't do wipes, when running in 3D, so how do you do a split screen?

It will be interesting........

Seth Madway
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There are devices that allow 2D sources to be incorporated  into 3D shows.  Since we had limited camera angles, we augmented our coverage with a few cameras from CBS.

At the Masters, my effects were all dissolves.  I did experiment with a DVE box, which would have worked if needed.. Since I was using a MVS-8000A., I wasn’t switching on a true 3D switcher, but would have been able to create a splitscreen.

I haven't seen the actual specs on any of the 3D switchers yet. I will be using the Sony MVS-8000X this summer. I would certainly expect the capability to wipe. Which switcher do you believe does not have that ability?