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Royal Wedding in UK

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I watched the wedding on Saturday and it was odd because 30 years ago I was part of the the team covering Prince William's father's wedding to Lady Diana. Who knew so long had passed? At the time I worked for Television International, a London based facility, and we had one of the 2 525 Ampex VPR-2 recorders in the UK so I ran it with 3 hour reels while 2 VR-2000 2 inch machines recorded the whole wedding. My job was explained to me after we started by the NBC guys; "When there is a shooting, wait for the reactions then be ready to play it back in slo-mo."

I wonder if anyone was doing that job this time around? It's all slighly ghoulish, but I know I will never forget cutting along the cameras of the route and fervently praying that not a frame of my recording made air.




Mike Cumbo
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John, they probably had an EVS running.


Interesting. I never thought theyw ould have recorded for that purpose, but it makes sense.


Glad your work didn't have to hit air that day.