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--Gary Lieberman

Training Class Review

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Gary Lieberman
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Recently facilitated a 3-day operations training course on the Tricaster 850. The class was held at Harrison High School in the Atlanta area. What lucky kids these are to has such a fine facility and great teacher.  We made some great progress on production workflow.  These folks edit on Final Cut, and then create a 10 minute weekly newscast with 2 show anchors and an entertainment reporter on set.  We were able to look the DDR audio out to an external mixer, add studio mics and keep everything in sync back through the TriCaster.  There is one open issue and perhaps someone can share an insight with us.  We had a bit of trouble getting undistorted audio streamed to UStream or Livestream.  Anyone else having this problem? 

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Mic level/line level mismatch? Incorrect settings in the computer's audio control panel or using the mic input port?

Mike Cumbo
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Gary have you visited the NewTek forums? There are some users there that have plenty of experience on the system. they might have some solutions.

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Hi Mike,


Thanks for the tip.  I have been using their forum, but wanted to start one here for the professional TD audience.  I'm really impressed with this "all in one" product.  I'm sure some will see it as a threat, but that's the way new technology goes.  Yes, it has its limitations, but for the price it packs a heck of a performance. I've been doing demos and training classes on the Tricaster 850 and 455 recently.  If anyone has any questions about the units, please let me know.


Gary Lieberman