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Ross Vision 4 ME switcher

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Anybody have a good overview of the Ross Vision 4 ME switcher. I have a gig on one... I'm currently working on a Sony 8000.

Information on assigning effects engines (DMEs) to keys. Saving/recalling ME snapshots.. anything and everything.

Thanks in advance -Cheers


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Here's a link to download the manual


You can assign sequences to keys by selecting the key sel button then hitting SEQ.  A list of all SEQ/DVE moves will pop up on the touchscreen menu.  choose one to assign it to the key.

ME snapshots are saved as Memories in 10 banks on each ME.   If you save a snapshot as memory number 31, on the desired ME you hit recall then hold down bank then hit 3, let go of bank, then hit 1.   You can also recall memories from the "global" recall area to the desired ME.

Macros are "Custom controls" and can be called up on the row above PV/PGRM bus or on the touch screen.