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Preset Bins

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Chris Boden
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Good morning! :)

We are operating a Tricaster 855 since December and it's the first time I work with that machine. It's great. A little bit confusing when you come from Sonys 8k models (and even more confusing when you go back to one of our 8k's after a couple of days), but what that Tricaster does is... great.

But: my question is the following.

I use to work with the preset bins (when you hover your mouse to the left and right edge of the screen) and it works fine for DDRs, Titles and Stills. But it doesn't work with the Virtual Input Preset bins.

You can add new Presets for the VI's, and switching between them is also possible, but as soon as I close the Live Production and re-open it, the files seem to become corrupt. The names disappear. And even more: when I try to create a backup zip (using Manage -> Backup Project), there is always an error message ("Malformed presets, call customer support) as soon as I have more than one Preset in the VI Preset bin.

Any ideas?

Greetings from Cologne, Germany!

Chris :)

Kane Peterson
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Can I ask what version of software your system is running? I'll have to try this next time I have a 855 (or 455) setup in front of me.
Gary Lieberman
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Hi Chris,

Sorry it's taken 4 months to respond to your inquiry.  I've not experienced the same problems that you described.  I can offer one tip, though.  You might try right-clicking on the preset bin and saving it to a file.  Then, when you get the corruption that you described, right-click and reload the preset.  Might be a good work-a-round.  Next time I get my hands on the gear, I'll see if I can't recreate your bug and let you know know.  Also, I'm ready to come to Cologne and do some advanced Tricaster training for you!  :)

All the best,

Gary Lieberman