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Sony MVS-7000X with Spotbox

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Hey everyone,

I'm working with a Sony MVS-7000X in a few weeks. The switcher is connected to the Spotbox via the Sony machine control built into the switcher. This is a show that I filled in on last year and they want me to do again (its a one-off, once a year-type show they do.)

Last year I had alot of trouble getting the spotbox to recall correctly when building effects. There was something in the way the timeline called up the clips that seemed to not work like normal (or at least how I would normally build effects on any other switcher). Is there a specific way that you need to build the timelines in order to recall the clips correctly? I somehow got it working (thanks to luck and a phone-a-friend) but I'm hoping to have it working better and faster this year.

Usually when I'm working with a Sony, I'm not talking to a spotbox. And any time i'm using a Spotbox, its on a GVG switcher with a Lance. Since this is a one-off show, there isn't alot of time to master it. Just have to scrape by and then come back a year later when I've forgotten everything I learned on the fly.

If Bob or anyone else is around, any help would be awesome. Thanks!


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It would be connected via VDCP not sony protocol which doesn't let you cue clips up.

Over here we always directly connect the Sony MVS switchers direct to the Spotbox, the only time I have seen a lance was when I walked through ESPN at the Aus open tennis. We also don't use timelines to playback clips, we use macros. Makes creating and editing clip transitions very fast:


  1. Diskfile load
  2. pause
  3. play
  4. key on
  5. pause
  6. mix/cut
  7. pause
  8. key off
If you need have similar transitions like different teams or different courts/holes. Copy the macro and change the diskfile load. Very efficent

Bob Ennis
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My experience has been that it is more often the server than the Spotbox when it comes to the switcher controlling the playbacks.  I have found that often building a timeline that triggers playback can cause a no-start situation.  Instead of a timeline to control the playback you may want to try the Cueup & Play selection.  Use the Spotbox to initially call up the clip, then use the panel buttons to insert the START time.  Play the clip & hit the STOP time.  This inserts just 1 keyframe with all of the necessary info.  The 1 KF works just like a traditional timeline, but I have found that it is often more reliable than a traditional multi-keyframe timeline.

Bob Ennis