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IDPM font slide with just macros????

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Joined: 22 Aug 2005

Is there a way to build a simple IDPM font slide on and off using just MACROS on a K-Frame??    I can easly build this effect with a time line, but is there a way to build it with just a macro?  

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Bob is right but if your K-Frame has movies you could record the replay of the iDPM move too as a moving effect.

BTW - if you have time look up Bob. His new job is really impressive!


Bob Ennis
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I have used a couple of approaches to accomplish this...

If you use the keypad to enter X, Y & Z values to the iDPM, a macro will record these values.  Use ENTER to set up these values along with keyer & M/E states as you start to record your macro, then enter a small X TRIM value which will be recorded by the macro.  Follow this by just hitting the TRIM button to keep moving your iDPM a little bit at a time.  When the macro plays back, these small movements will chain together into one move.  The smaller the increments of trim, the smoother the effect will be - but it will also take longer to run.  With a little trial and error, you can find a good comprimise that works for you.


If the slide-on is always the same graphic (like a LIVE bug, a behind-text banner, or a repeating locator), you can build an iDPM timeline & then record it into the Still Store.  I have done this for The Oscars on trucks that didn't have the ClipStore option; so I had to play back the iDPM timeline that manipulated the CG frame-by-frame and record each frame as a separate Still Store Image.  I then built a macro that recalled each still in succession.  It took a while to store all of the stills and a lot of patience to recall each still while recording the macro, but the end result was seamless.  Would've been nicer to have the ClipStore, but that wasn't going to happen - this method turned out to be an acceptable alternative & made the Producers happy.

Bob Ennis