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Kayenne Spotbox Control

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Having a problem seperating the pbus controls of a spotbox on the Kayenne.  I can control the first two channels fine but I cannot seem to get the seperate control for the back two channels with a recall and a play.  Do you assign them to a differnt level besides pbus on the control and then select that on the timeline.  I have not had any luck with the control of the pbus on the lance to recall the second channel or getting it to roll.  I know I must be missing a step somewhere.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Now that it's a month later I'm sure you've figured it out but there are two places I would check assuming you are using a Lance interface with PBUS. First, check to see how many PBUS channels are configured on the Kayenne, either in the PBUS menu or the ENG menu. I was in a truck where there were only two and they were set up for PBUS ports one and two. Second, make sure the Lance menu is set to gang Spot A/B and C/D to those channels. So if the Kayenne has only two PBUS comm ports enabled, say port 1 and port 2, the Lance should be set to something like A-1 & B-1, C-2 & D-2.