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Accessing ME Subs on the 8K

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I'm working on an 8K switcher with the original frame, V12.10. I see that there are crosspoints for an ME4 (ME4OUT1, etc.),but when I map it, there's no way to manipulate it. I know that on some switchers the PRE/POST MCRO buttons serve as ME primary/sub access, but the one I'm sitting in front of isn't set up that way. My questions are; how do I gain control of ME4?  Is changing the PRE/POST MCRO buttons a feature I can access in the menu, or is it a software thing? Thanks!


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Much appreciated--thanks, guys!


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Sounds like you are on an X frame as the G only had 4ME's including program/preview. 

The way an X works is each board has 8 keyers on it but you can have 2ME's per board. So with 2 boards you can have 4 ME's including program/preview. To get access to ME4 you would need a 3rd mix effect board installed. In that case you would get 8 keys on one of your MEs. If you have that you would have to add ME4 to the panel you would go into ENG SETUP > PANEL > CONFIG on the menu and assign the ME to the panel. You can use menu macros to make this easier. My guess is you don't have the 3rd board or it should have been configured from the get go.

Matt Saplin
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Is the 8K frame an A, G or X frame?  I think that ME-4 was introduced as part of the X frame, and is not available on the earlier versions.  I've seen similar things happen when the panel software is upgraded to a newer version with features greater than which the frame is capable of running.

One thing I can think to try ... go to menu 7321 and see if you can assign ME-4 to a row?

As for changing the functionality of the PRE/POST buttons, you are correct -- hit 7321.12 and you'll see the various options there to change what those buttons do.  If you change to MAIN/SUB, there are other places you have to enable the MAIN/SUB functionality (7331 you'd need to enable Multi Program 2, 7321.11 you'd need to assign it to the rows you want to use MAIN/SUB on).

Hope that helps,