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Kayenne Version 4 software - import stills?

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Joined: 23 Nov 2005

Hi all, I've imported stills into the Kayenne (classic) many times and it's not working today. I noticed the software version is 4.2.0 - obviously very old. Does that version not support image importing? I cannot get it to work. The closest I got was importing a .tif and it did turn into a .kif, but the stillstore displayed a very green and broken-up version of the graphic that I imported. I have no idea why.



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Hi Eric - V4.2.0 is probably not as bad as you think as it was one of the last ones released for the classic frame. My best guess would be that reinstalling the menu software might fix the problem as the library used for conversions is in that package. Check your processor - but 4.2.4 is the latest classic release.